Rebeca Diaz



Born in San Francisco, CA in 1985. Moved to Santiago, Chile in 1993. Chilean father, American mother. Has dual citinzenship. Is fluent in English and Spanish. Is a Roman Catholic.

Trained in ballet, modern dance, jazz and lyrical singing, flute, and guitar. Also an accomplished (latin) ballroom dancer and truck driver.

Studied Acting at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

Moved to NYC in 2009. Specialized in improv, comedy, and interactive theatre: professional improv theatre in NYC comedy clubs, pirate festivals, NY Renaissance Faire, haunted houses, interactive wedding shows, touring the country with a children's play, etc.

Also works as a vocal coach, musical director, choreographer, and teacher.

Loves wine and animals (big exotic animals, not pets). Also loves mountain climbing, hiking outdoors, body surfing, and anything that involves extreme sports. 

Life goals include (in no particular order): starring on Broadway, climbing Mt. Everest, hosting the Oscars, having her own talk show, visiting all 58 National Parks, becoming a mother, hugging a tiger, moose, bear and sloth.

Rebeca currently lives in Deerfield Beach, FL and enjoys spending time kayaking, camping, reading books, and going to the beach.